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Early learning toys to hang : the new range of Pouce et Lina toys

In each set of early learning toys to hang you will find an animal and two tree leaves. For the animals we have selected from our large menagerie the white swan, the fox and the pretty fawn. In each animal you have a squeaker that will amuse baby, in the oak leaf there is rustling paper, one of the favorite activities of children, and in the maple leaf a bell. These three sounds will stimulate baby's hearing during the first weeks and very soon your child will be able to grasp the toys and have fun on his own. The child will quickly be intrigued by the rustling paper of the velvet sheet, and a little later he will have fun tinkling the rattle sheet or squeezing the animal's squeaker. They can also explore the different surfaces of his toys with their little hands to discover the different velvet, cotton or felt materials and their textures. On each toy you have a very practical wood-coloured plastic open ring for hanging the figurine on a cozy, a stroller, an activity arch or a play mat. If you hang the activity toys on the car seat, they will occupy baby during car journeys. If you already have a Pouce et Lina musical mobile on your birth list, in particular a mobile on the theme of the forest, you can treat yourself while preparing the baby's room by ordering a small set of early learning toys on the same theme that will help you wait while waiting to receive all the gifts on the list. And if you have not yet chosen the baby play mat, we have declined the theme of the forest on beautiful leaf-shaped mats. On these baby awakening mats you will have loops on each side to hang the awakening toys. Baby will be able to move freely on this soft mat and take advantage of our early learning toys to explore sounds, shapes, colors or textures.

All our stuffed animals to hang

are of course entirely manufactured in our workshop in Sarthe. If you live in the region, nothing prevents you from benefiting from a pick up  at the workshop. When buying baby's first toys it is important to have complete confidence in the quality of the materials and the compliance testing. With our baby activity toys you are sure of the quality control throughout the manufacturing and up to the preparation of the orders also supervised in the workshop. And in addition you participate in maintaining textile jobs in France. This baby activity set will be a great idea for a small Made in France birth gift. So do not hesitate any longer and choose among the fox, the fawn or the pretty swan the future companion of play and awakening of baby.