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Led by our values and our engagement

Creation or sewing passionate, Pouce et Lina’s team is ambitious. We wish share our convictions with you. Beyond our desire to pass you our creativity and our taste for new trends of the decoration thanks to our musical toys and mobiles, we care about engage with you. Our mission is to offer you high quality products. So we support the quality approach and the ethics policy of our company.
Made in France is more than a motto. It embodies the transparency : you know from where come Pouce et Lina’s products, but also how they are made. We can be close to our suppliers and answer easier to your expectations. Pouce et Lina is proud to undertake its French fabrication.
We commit ourselves to protecting the world. We value the skilled hands of our workers, who all benefit from appropriate working conditions. We know our workshops and create a relationship of trust with them. It allows us to not have any doubt regarding the quality that we are offering. We know from where come our fabrics, environmentally friendly, as well as our packaging. We are not offering any material or substance with which we would not want our baby in contact with. Pouce et Lina is an eco-friendly company and we support your environmental awareness offering you our products.
You and your babies can trust us. We hope that more and more babies will fall asleep, looking at Pouce et Lina's Stars, Elephants or even the Unicorns, which will gently rotate and sway as your little dreamer drifts off to sleep - the perfect gift from you.


Supported by a French fabrication

Collections designed in Sarthe in Pouce et Lina’s workshop…

A creative spirit and a real knowledge of new trends : that’s enough for Fanny MARIE, Pouce et Lina’s founder and director, to imagine each novelty. Only one exception : the star musical toy was inspired by a draw of Fanny’s daughter! Shh, it’s a secret…

Pieces cut in french workshop…

After having ordered our beautiful fabrics (mainly designed by skilled French and American designers), let’s go to Clisson (still in the same area!) at Lethu Couture. The family business takes care about the cut our fabric pieces.

An « at home » assembly, in our lovely Pouce et Lina’s workshop…

Our seamstress Aurore and Tiphanie an apprentice are responsible for assembling small animals from our mobiles. The quality work goes on, scissors blades are meeting, the jerky sound of the sewing machine is resonating, the fingers are manipulating carefully each piece, the iron is releasing hot steam… The balance of each mobiles is checked before being slide in a beautiful gift box, completely designed by the graphic designer Chloé Bergerat and printed in the factory Posson Packaging, also in Sarthe. For her part Nadine a freelance seamstress assembles all the clouds and stars at her home in the village next door.

Do not forget the musical toys of Pouce et Lina…

The workshop of our marine animals is located in the heart of Bretagne. This workshop is holder of the esteemed label « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » (symbol of the excelle of the French savoir-faire). This promises us a quality product, also offering in a packaging with the sweet colors of the ocean.

We guarantee the high quality our products thanks to the careful savoir-faire of each one of the fabrication contributors. Products are ended at home, what assure you a quality control just before their shipping. We want to make our customers smile when they receive their order.

The nimble fingers behind our mobiles and toys…


Seamstress in Pouce et Lina’s workshop Responsible for animals and mobiles assembly


Seamstress of stars and clouds

Atelier Lethu Regence

Cutting of fabric pieces.

Atelier Maëlou Tradition

Toys fabrication.


Experience the universe of Pouce et Lina
Because all the parents and loved ones want to offer what is the best to the babies, Pouce et Lina would like that each birth gift to be an enchantment.
Our team is here to answer you personally and quickly, by phone or email, from our workshop. We take pride in our customer relationship.

On the way to pamper you !

All the packages leave directly from our workshop : they are shipped with love ! Your order is carefully packed and checked just before its shipping. We take the opportunity to add small touches (postcards, bookmark and even a delicious salted butter caramel lollipop produced by a reputable confectioner). Our little extra : our workshop can inform you of the expedition date and deliver you a direct tracking. If you have any doubt about the localisation of your package, a phone call to the workshop is enough to be reassured !

Plunge in the ocean with Pouce et Lina’s musical toy !

Whales, stars and even the seahorses get out of the water to join baby in his bed. A sweet lullaby that you choose and let’s go, baby is swimming to join the land of dreams! Plunge deeply in a marine universe thanks to the gift packaging of the musical toys. You can only be attracted by its design with sweet colors. Our packaging is already a gift box, because we wish your discovery of our product to be the most amazing as possible. What’s more? This gift box is totally in line with the ones of the musical mobiles !

Moms et dads express themselves about Pouce et Lina :

"This mobile is a real crush. It is wonderful and the lullaby of the Beauty and the Beast is very nice. "

"Last minute ordered gift but received on time thank to the fastness or the brand. Quality product and nice commercial service. Strongly recommended."

"Mobile even more beautiful than the pictures. The lullaby is wonderful and answers to my expectations."

"Nothing to add. This mobile worths it. "

" I arrived on your website looking for mobiles. And i ve found THE mobile for my daughter Maëlle. I will recommend this product to everyone !"

"I’ve appreciated the personalized service. The lullaby i wanted was not available anymore but after calling, they can find a new one and send it to me ! This service close to the customers is very nice."

"Just perfect, simple and so sweet ! Fast shipping, available creator to answer us !»"

You too, share your Pouce et Lina’s experience!

We are always glad to get feedbacks and photos from our customer after their discovery of their order.

Let you lead by Pouce et Lina, we want to inspire you !

Our products are engineered to please you. You can even co-create the perfect mobile for your baby thank you the personalization.

To share our passions with you !
Creativity, Sewing and DIY !

We don’t just propose you the perfect mobile for baby’s bedroom, we help you to build it until the end.

Il était une fois...

Vivez dans l’univers Pouce et Lina

Pouce et Lina’s Fairy Tale began with the arrival of a little Fairy in the family of Fanny Marie, the Founder of the brand.

In 2007, while Fanny waits patiently the arrival of her little Fairy, with her sewing machine she started creating a Baby Trousseau,  bringing her back to her first passion, Sewing.
Fanny later presents all her creations to friends and at home sale meetings:  Then the adventure starts and the brand Pouce et Lina is officially created in 2009, in tribute to the Andersen’s tale « Thumbelina ».
The Shops discover the creative world and the “Made in France” of Pouce et Lina - the brand spreads it’s wings.  The little Fairy has now grown and takes part often in her own way as the star model of Pouce et Lina.
The range of products grows in 2012, with the bathroom and bed sheets collection, then with musical mobiles, which become one of Pouce et Lina’s best seller in 2013. This success encourages Fanny, in 2015, to focus her activity exclusively on the design, manufacture and sale of musical mobiles and toys in 2015. After having gained the french shops, Pouce et Lina grows with more than 30 international resellers, especially in Belgium, Germany, Spain, and even in Japan !
Today, Pouce et Lina’s Team has grown, thanks to local employments. The passion continues to  guide the brand and many other projects are put together respecting the French manufacturing and quality, always under the watchful eye of the sweet little Fairy.


The resellers network keep growing and Pouce et Lina get an international dimension with its participation in the trade show Playtime Paris

Fanny Marie creates Pouce et Lina, society located in Sarthe.


Pouce et Lina focuses on the fabrication and sale of musical mobiles.


The mobiles range count more than 20 mobiles and the musical toys are launched around the theme of the sea.


Pouce et Lina become one of the leader of the handmade musical mobile in France, with more than 50 resellers in France, 30 in Belgium and more others in Europe.
We can systematically meet Pouce et Lina in Playtime Paris, even in Bubble London and in Kind+Jungend in Germany.


Musical toys are now made in a workshop in Bretagne, which has awarded an esteemed label, symbol of the excelle of the French savoir-faire.
The brand keep growing worldwide with resellers in Japan and Kuwait.