Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a legal period of 14 days from receipt of the goods to notify us of your intention to return the product to us and the reason for this return. Your return request can be made:
- Or by connecting to the Pouce et Lina site in the "My Orders" section of My Account: all you have to do is check the product (s) and the quantities to be returned, enter the reason for the return and confirm by clicking on "Confirm this return request ". Your request will then be studied by our customer service and by return email, we will send you a return authorization number to be affixed to the package, as well as the address to which to return the returned items.
- Either by contacting Pouce et Lina's customer service using the contact form, by email or by phone 09 53 81 87 51, which will tell you the procedures to follow. Upon receipt of the return authorization e-mail, you will receive a Colissimo voucher to print to return the desired products free of charge, in their original packaging, accompanied by the delivery slip, to the address indicated. Returned products must be intact in their original packaging. If you return an item to us we will offer you a refund or an exchange. In this case, the sending of the new article is offered by Pouce and Lina.